1. Is there a standard shed?

    No, our sheds are engineered per the customer specification and site location of the shed. The sheds are custom designed for your individual use.

  2. Do you use Top hats?

    The materials we use comply with the current Building Code of Australia; we use C Sections, which are stronger.

  3. Is there a certain size shed that I can build on my block?

    Yes, the council have requirements and restrictions on the size of sheds you can build per the Zoning of your block of land.

  4. Does my shed need a building permit?

    Yes all buildings require a building approval prior to us commencing works. For jobs where we are doing the Slab and Construction we take care of lodging the Building Application and Final Approval on the Shed.

  5. Are skylights an option to put in the roof of the Shed?

    No, Skylights are not wind (cyclone) rated in this region.

  6. Do I need to worry about the Sewer Line that is where I want to put the shed?

    Yes, Your local Council has regulations regarding how close you can build a structure to the sewer line which also includes man holes and jump ups. Knowing where your sewer line is imperative when thinking about the location of your shed on your property.

  7. There is a sewer line along the boundary where I want to put my shed but is in the neighbour's property, do I still need to be concerned?

    Yes, although the sewer line may not be on your property, the distance to it to which you want to build your structure still comes into play.

  8. What purchase decisions should I consider before I get my Shed Proposal?

    To make it easier for you we have come up with important considerations when buying a shed.

  9. What is the purpose of the shed?

    Boat or caravan storage? Workshop and hobby space? Or a man-cave for entertaining or wanting solitude? Make sure you consider this up front as it could affect the council classification of the building with implications for future use. You must also carefully measure up what is needed to go inside. If building a garage for a boat or caravan check how much space is needed to get in and out with ease. Check heights, dimensions with doors open and towballs attached. Think about what other items you might acquire in the future and whether a little bit more storage space would be useful. Consider how often and easily you need access to items. A mezzanine storage area can add significant storage space without necessarily increasing the floor space of the shed. You should also consider what light, access, water, electrical and security requirements will be required, as these are cheaper and easier to install before the shed is built.

    Who will build it?

    Do you want a kit you can build yourself, or will you need the services of a shed-builder? When considering whether to build yourself or engage a builder, you need to be aware of the steps associated with building a shed which are:

    1. Measure, design, quote and get engineered plans

    2. Submit for council approval where required

    3. Excavation and site preparation

    4. Footings and/or slab poured

    5. Frame assembly then cladding

    When do you need it?

    Researching, financing, ordering, delivering and building are only some of the steps in buying a shed or garage. You also need to consider council approval time and potentially excavation and site preparation. Talk to the staff at Sunstate Garages & Sheds for advice on council approval needs for your specific area. Sunstate Garages & Sheds have the local contacts and information to help.

    Make sure your shed is ShedSafe Accredited.

    Fair Dinkum Sheds is leading the industry to be one of the first businesses that have received The Australian Steel Institute's (ASI) new industry benchmark for steel sheds ShedSafe. ShedSafe accreditation, which was officially launched in November 2010, came about after the ASI learned that most sheds that had structural failures during cyclone Larry in 2006, were not built to the standards set by the Building Code of Australia (BCA). Evidence of under-engineered sheds has also been discovered in areas across Australia.

    Ensure you get a site-specific design.

    Only some companies provide a garage or shed that is designed for the specific needs of your site. This can include topography, regional wind speed, importance level and snow loading of your building to name just a few specific requirements of the Building Code of Australia. Only Fair Dinkum Sheds provide a free structural calculations document to give you evidence that the shed is engineered for your specific site.

    Choose a well-known brand.

    Fair Dinkum Sheds is widely acknowledged as one of the largest networks of Cold Formed Steel Building distributors in Australia. With over 18 years experience and over 100,000 sheds and garages sold nationwide through our network of over 150 distributors, our experience speaks for itself.

    Ask questions.

    Will they help you with instructions over the phone if needed during DIY construction? Can they offer shed building services? What is their deposit/payment schedule? Will they take care of council requirements? Can they prepare the site? By matching their services to your needs you get added value that will make the process smoother and less stressful. Also do your research, this industry has seen many providers come and go. Don't fall victim to another short term player - research the supplier and ask for information on length of time in business as well as to see examples of local work and customer testimonials.

    Customise your shed to suit your requirements.

    All Fair Dinkum Sheds designs can be customised according to the customers' needs using their exclusive MultiBuild software. This allows you to change the design on the spot as well as incorporate options such as sliding or roller doors, personal access doors, garaports, lean-tos, mezzanine floors and more. MultiBuild software will update your quote and drawings instantly based on ShedSafe engineering principles so you are assured your customisation requirements do not impact the safety of the structure.

    Get a quote!

    Ensure you understand whether the price includes GST and delivery and get an itemised list of materials so you can compare quotes easily. Know what your construction costs include such as are there any extras for crane hire etc.

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